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    •  DNR awards 3yr grant extension to Waukesha County for controlling Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
    •  Summary (flyer/map) of Stormwater Intergovernmental Agreements
    •  Community Recycling & Stormwater Education Meeting (12-15-16) - Stormwater PPT Presentation
    •  2016 Annual Summary of Information and Activity Report     
    •  Waukesha County 2016 Stormwater Information & Education Ledger of Activities
    •  April 29th Spring Sale & Workshop Event

             See the new set of brochures aimed to help homeowners and homeowners associations maintain the large investment they
                                                                        may have in their subdivision storm water practices:

    Bioretention Maintenance          Infiltration Maintenance          Stormwater Pond Maintenance