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Family Resources

Legal Custody & Physical Placement Evaluations/Studies

If parents are unable to resolve all disputes regarding the placement and custody of their child(ren) in the mediation process, a Family Court Social Worker may be assigned to evaluate the family through conducting interviews, gathering collateral information, and completing direct observations.

In preparation, parents are each required to prepare a Proposed Parenting Plan Word Document to present to the assigned social worker. For more information about the Proposed Parenting Plan see the brochure Parenting Plans in Family Court PDF Document.

Once the evaluation is concluded, a written recommendation is submitted to all parties to assist the family and the courts in reaching an agreement that serves the best interest of the child(ren).

A Judge or Commissioner makes an order after reviewing the case and deciding it would be helpful.

See the Fees section for a complete list of FCS fees. The court generally determines which party will pay which portion of the fee, either before payment is made or at a later hearing. If not ordered by the court, each party is generally required to pay half the fee in pending divorce/legal separation actions. In all other actions, the requesting party is generally required to pay.


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