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    **Effective July 1, 2016 - New Wisconsin Rules regarding: Protected Information and Mandatory eFiling. Important changes to some Family and Civil forms. For further information see http://www.wicourts.gov. The Waukesha County Circuit Courts Website to be updated soon.**

    **Effective November 15, 2016 Waukesha County is a mandatory eFiling county.  Please see the eFiling link below for more information.**  

    Frequently Requested Information  

    This report analyzes the performance of our jury system in several key areas...

    2016 Jury Report Available

    The Waukesha County 2016 Annual Jury Program Report is now available.

    This report analyzes the performance of our jury system in several key areas as required by Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules, and provides key stakeholders with an overview of the operations of this vital program.  In addition to program related information and statistics, this report includes a summary of juror exit surveys and a sampling of juror comments which are used for the purpose of improving this program.  The report closes with 2016 accomplishments and 2017 jury program initiatives.  


    Judicial Rotation will occur August 1, 2017...

    2017 Judicial Rotation


    Judicial rotation will occur August 1, 2017. The changes are as follows:

    Circuit Court Judge Current Division New Division New Courtroom
    Maria S. Lazar Civil Criminal/Traffic C162
    William J. Domina Juvenile Civil C295
    Lloyd V. Carter Criminal/Traffic Juvenile
    Jennifer R. Dorow Family Civil C267
    Patrick C. Haughney Civil Family C263
    Paul Bugenhagen Jr. Family Family C370 

    The full rotation order can be found here.

    Other Changes

    All Drug Treatment Court cases will stay with Judge Lloyd V. Carter

    All probate cases previously assigned to the Honorable Michael O. Bohren will be reassigned to Honorable Paul Bugenhagen Jr. on August 1, 2017.

    When sending mail to those judges who are rotating in July, please note on the front of the envelope, the division for which the mail is intended.

    Please take special note that the current phone numbers for the Deputy Clerks and Calendar Clerks for the above judiciary will remain the same, despite the fact that they are rotating to a new Circuit Court Division.

    Thank you.


    We are pleased to announce that the Juvenile Court and Probate Court Offices will be consolidated into one division o...

    Juvenile Court/Probate Court Consolidation

    The Probate and Juvenile Court Divisions will be consolidating effective January 16, 2017.

    The Probate Division will move and the new combined Juvenile/Probate Division will be located at the

    Juvenile Center, Room JC-103
    521 Riverview Avenue
    Waukesha, WI 53188

    Current telephone numbers will continue to be used.

    262-548-7449 & 262-548-7468

    Satellite Probate Office hours will be offered on a limited basis at the Courthouse in Room C-112 as follows:
    Wednesday, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
    Thursday, 8:30 am to 10:00 am
    Friday, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm


    There is a new email scam going around that is notifying the email recipient that they have a court appearance comin...

    Court Notice of Appearance E-mail Scam

    There is a new email scam going around that is notifying the email recipient that they have a court appearance coming up, and that they need to open the attached forms, otherwise the Judge will enter a default judgment against them.

    These attachments are a virus!!  Do not click on or try to open attachments from someone that you do not know.

    As a reminder, the court system will not communicate or send out court documents via email. 


  • Court Fees
  • Civil Fees

    Civil Fees

    Filing Fees
    Appeal from Municipal Court On the record or by certiorari 129.50
    Appeal from Municipal Court New trial requested (jury fee not included) 144.50
    Change of Venue-Large Claim Transmittal fee not included 75.00
    Change of Venue-Small Claim Transmittal fee not included 22.00
    Change of Venue Transmittal Basic postage included, additional postage fees may apply 20.00
    Condemnation Appeals   129.50
    Condemnation Appeal New Trial   144.50
    Foreclosure   265.50
    Foreign Judgment Includes $5.00 docket fee 20.00
    Garnishment Amount due $10,000 or less 92.50
    Garnishment Amount due more than $10,000 210.50
    Large Claim Action equal to or less than $10,000 147.50
    Large Claim Action over $10,000 265.50
    Large Claim No dollar amount claimed: name change, declaratory judgment, writs, heabeas corpus, minor settlements, vital statistics (amendments & delayed registrations) 164.50
    Lien Any dollar amount 5.00
    Minor Settlements Petition to approve minor settlement 164.50
    Name Change   164.50
    Occupational Driver's License Petition Habitual traffic offenders and appeals from DMV only 40.00
    Small Claim Action equal to or less than $10,000 94.50
    Small Claim Counterclaim Action over $10,000 125.50
    Small Claim Demand for Jury Trial Includes 6-person Jury fee 89.00
    Temporary Restraining Orders & Injuctions Domestic abuse, child abuse vulnerable adult, harassment under specific circumstances No Fee
    Temporary Restraining Orders & Injunctions Other injunctions/restraining orders 164.50
    Third Party Complaint No dollar amount claimed 134.50
    Third Party Complaint Action equal to or less than $5,000 117.50
    Third Party Complaint Action over $5,000 235.50
    Vital Statistics Amendments afterone year and delayed registration 164.50
    Wage Earner Action Voluntary debt proceeding 31.50
    Warrants Filing and docketing tax warrants, satisfaction, voidance or withdrawal 5.00
    Other Fees
    Arbitration Compel, Confirm, Modify, vacate an arbitrator's award (not regarding real property) 164.50
    Arbitration Small claim regarding purchase of real property 94.50
    Writ To issue 5.00
    Family Fees

    Family Fees

    Filing Fees
    Change of Venue With request for support or maintenance, not including transmittal fee 105.00
    Change of Venue No request for support or maintenance, not including transmittal fee 95.00
    Change of Venue Transmittal Basic postage included, additional postage fees may apply 20.00
    Contempt Any No Fee
    Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment With no request for support or maintenance 184.50
    Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment With request for support or maintenance 194.50
    Modify a Court Order or Judgment Change Legal Custody/Physical Placement of a Child 50.00
    Modify a Court Order or Judgment Changes excluding Legal Custody/Physical Placement 30.00
    Out of County Judgment File/enforce/register, additional modification fees may apply 5.00
    Out of State Judgment File/enforce/register, additional modification fees may apply 15.00
    Paternity Acknowledgement of Paternity 184.50
    Paternity Commence action by private party 184.50
    Paternity With request for child support 194.50
    Stipulation to Modify a Court Order Or Judgment Any No Fee
    Visitation Rights of Certain Persons (Grandparent Visitation) New Action 184.50
    Other Fees
    Guardian ad Litem Deposit (minimum) 2,000.00
    Family Division Packet Fees (All packets are free if obtained on-line)

    Packets (Pre-Judgment)

    Conversion of Legal Separation to Divorce   10.00
    Divorce   20.00
    Suspension and Dismissal   10.00
    Visitation Rights of Other Persons   10.00

    Packets (Post-Judgment)

    Contempt 10.00
    Modification   10.00
    Post-Judgment Contempt/Modification Packet 20.00
    Petition to Enforce Physical Placement   10.00
    Request for Court Ordered Mediation   10.00
    Request for De Novo Hearing   10.00
    Stipulation and Order to Change Court Order/Judgment   10.00
    Subpoena and Certificate of Service   10.00
    Other Materials
    Basic Guide to Divorce/Legal Separation   20.00
    Copies (per page): Coin Operated Copier Available Not from case file .25
    Envelope Stamped/Unstamped .50
    Procedural Checklists       All types of matters 5.00
    State Standard Family Court Forms Individually requested

    No Fee
    Tips for Representing Yourself in Family Court   No Fee
    Family Court Services Fees
    Mediation 1st session No Fee
    Mediation All sessions after initial free session 100.00
    Court Ordered Legal Custody/Physical Placement Study Each study 1,500.00
    Helping Children Cope With Divorce Seminar Each party 50.00
    General Fees

    General Fees

    Filing Fees
    Appeal to the Court of Appeals (Please make check payble to the "Wisconsin Court of Appeals" 195.00
    Appeal Transmittal Fee (Includes basic postage) 20.00
    Docket Fee To docket judgments, transcripts of judgment, liens, warrants, awards, satisfactions, and assignments 5.00
    Transcript of Judgment To file and docket 10.00
    Other Fees
    Certificate of Judgment To issue (plus per page copy fee) 5.00
    Certified Copy Plus per page copy fee (except Probate) 5.00
    Certified Copy Plus per page fee (Probate) 3.00
    Copy Fee Per page cost  (except Probate) 1.25
    Copy Fee Per page cost (Probate) 1.00
    Execution Fee To issue 5.00
    Exemplified Copies (Triple Seal) Plus per page fee (except Probate)         15.00
    Jury Fee - 12 Person   72.00
    Jury Fee - 6 Person   36.00
    Record Search Per name searched (except Probate) 5.00
    Record Search Per name searched (Probate) 4.00
    Satisfaction of Judgment/Lien Fee Per judgment 5.00
    Related Sheriff's Department Fees
    Process Service 3 Attempts 60.00
    Juvenile Fees

    Juvenile Fees

    Civil & Criminal Costs, Fees, or Surcharges May be imposed on minors 14 years of age or older Vary
    Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Deposit in TPR, juvenile adoption, and guardianship of minor cases 500.00
    Self-Help Packets May be purchased for $5.00 @ Juvenile Court

    ***Please make all checks for Juvenile matters payable to "Clerk of Juvenile Court"

    Probate Fees

    Probate Fees

    Filing Fees
    Certificate Terminating Life Estate or Homestead   3.00
    Claim Against Estate   3.00
    Estate Inventory Percent of assets on inventory ($20 minumum) 0.2% (.002)
    Grandparent Visitation To commence new action 60.00
    Guardianship Inventory Percent of assets on inventory ($20 minumum) 0.2% (.002)
    Objection to Probate of Will   20.00
    POA - Health Care Deposit for Safekeeping   8.00
    Will Deposit for Safekeeping   10.00

    ***Please make all checks for Probate Fees payable to "Register in Probate."

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